Grade 3

Duration: 7:45

From Carol of the Bells to Winter by Vivaldi and some original music tossed in for good measure, this show will make your audience shiver in 90 degree heat! Familiar source material is cleverly blended to create new arrangements that will keep your students on their toes. Lots of opportunities abound for technical passages (that are actually more playable than they sound!). A modern sounding percussion score really sets this show apart from the others at your competitions and keeps everything from sounding like just one more show… Put this in your student’s stocking and give them the gift that keeps on givin’!


All original material by Eric Rath

Mvt. 1: Carol of the Bells and other common Christmas Carols

Mvt. 2: Shivering - Original Material by Rath

Mvt. 3: Winter from the Four Seasons - Antonin Vivaldi


The material in this show is all original and public domain. All performance and recording licenses are included with this show.