Reserving a show is easy. Pricing can vary based on a few different factors, so here’s how the process works:

1. Choose your show

Based on videos, judges critique sheets, or director feedback we can do a full analysis of your group and offer suggestions on specific shows that will help your band to sound amazing. Or, if you find your perfect show yourself, we can quickly expedite the process of getting your music to you within hours. We are also connected with some of the best educators, drill writers, visual designers, guard choreographers and electronics consultants in the nation and can assist you on all elements of your show design from start to finish.

Take a look and listen to our performance-ready shows that have been tweaked, tested, and revised to help your group to sound amazing, or contact us for a consultation where we can evaluate your group and suggest a show or shows that will help your group to maximize it’s potential.

2. Check availability

We offer regional protection with our shows so that it’s unlikely that you see another group at a regional contest or football game playing your same show. Contact us to make sure the show is available to you, and if it is we can immediately reserve it for your group.

3. Choose your package

Since we primarily work with smaller schools, we understand that band budgets can vary greatly from school to school. We pride ourselves in accommodating schools of all types of budgets, so we have several packages to choose from so that you’re able to get the most value for your money. Once you decide on a package and e-sign our license agreement you’ll have your show delivered electronically within a matter of hours or minutes. 

Our shows include:

  • Regional exclusivity

  • Unlimited edits and revisions

  • A website with play-along practice tracks

  • Customized warmups with show excerpts

  • Video and synchronization rights

  • Smartmusic files

  • PLUS many more features to help your show planning and rehearsals to be the easiest ever.