William Owens is one of the most prolific and accomplished composers for young concert band, and he brings his expertise to his marching band writing as well. He knows what it takes to help your young students sound their best. More about William

Proven success

If you're looking for a top-quality marching show with a proven record of success, you've found it. The shows below have been tested, tweaked, and have gone through multiple revisions to make sure they are as entertaining and competitive as possible.

Custom tailored

All of these shows include full customization to fit your group, whether it be adjusting technical passages, reducing or expanding instrumentation, revoicing solos or small ensembles, or anything else that will help your band sound the best they can.

See and Hear

You can listen to shows in their entirety and for most shows you can open the score in a separate window while you're listening.

Take it for a spin

If you're undecided about a show, we'll be glad to send you the parts to read with your band so you can determine if the show is a good fit.

We're here to help

We have other shows that aren't posted below, so if you don't find the show that you love, let us know what you're looking for and we can send you other samples. And if we can't find you the show that you love, we can design a custom show for you or recommend another designer who can. 


Grade 1 Marching Shows are for small and/or young groups and feature reduced instrumentation scoring, unified low brass parts, first trumpet parts no higher than an F, unison woodwinds on their features, and simple percussion parts. Front ensembles always vary greatly so even though these parts were written for the commissioning group, we can customize them for yours.

Grade 1 shows by our other writers

Grade 2 Marching Shows are for developing groups that can handle expanded instrumentation. Woodwind parts might be split into high/low voices, trumpet parts might occasionally go above the staff, and low brass parts might be split into 2 or 3 parts. 

Grade 2 Shows by our other writers