Grade 3

Duration: 7:17

Your heads will be in the clouds with this show. Powerful, yet sensitive and fun -- you’ll run the gamut of emotions. This show is hopeful and positive and students will really enjoy getting to play some fantastic new music written only within the last 15 years or so. Scored to provide strength in numbers as well as ranges that fit the instruments easily, your group will sound huge without needing 14 brass parts to do it! Everyone gets to feel like the star of halftime!


Mvt. 1: Up with End Credits by Michael Giacchino

Mvt. 2: Into the Clouds! by Richard Saucedo

Mvt. 3: Endless Rainbows by Brian Balmages

Mvt. 4: Gospel from Monsters University by GoForth Marching Band

Mvt. 5: Up with End Credits Reprise by Michael Giacchino

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