Grade 2

Duration: 6:34

This show is pure spooky fun!  It is meant to be a light-hearted spoof of horror movies.  We have a slow and creepy introduction that builds up to a scream!  Then, we hear "What Was That?" which is our opening theme.  This is light and creepy with the sudden sound of things jumping out to "get'cha"!  The next section is entitled "Haunted House" and is slow and mysterious with some ghostly melodies and chord progressions.  Next, it's time to do a little creepy jive dancing to the "Zombie Rhumba"!  The show concludes with "Confrontation and Escape...Maybe!".  This is up-tempo and scary fun!  We have a final burst of speed with "Run For Your Life" and we rush to make our getaway!  If you are looking for a fun show with a twist that is also very playable by young bands, this may be for you!