Grade 2

Duration: 7:07

Awash with the sounds of Americana, textures of wide-open spaces and the mechanistic rhythms of airplane engines and dogfights, The Spirit of Flight harkens back to a time of aeronautic innovation and patriotism associated with the early days of aviation. This show celebrates the advent and invention of manned, fixed-wing flight. While hinting at military, war-time influences, this show features driving tempos that represent dogfights and the exhilaration and nervousness of flying for the first time. Your students will love putting this together and even your most casual audience member will want to see what all you can do with it!


All original material by Eric Rath

Mvt. 1: Wild Blue Yonder

Mvt. 2: Dogfight!

Mvt. 3: Kittyhawk

Mvt 4: Americana


The material in this show is all original and public domain. All performance and recording licenses are included with this show.