Grade 1

Duration: 6:01

This show is inspired by the Marfa Lights, mysterious lights that often appear in the desert near Marfa, Texas.  These lights have been witnessed for centuries but continue to evade scientific explanation.  The show opens with “Mystery Lights”, a slow and haunting intro in a minor tonality.  This is abruptly followed by “Spanish Lights”, an up-tempo opener with a Spanish theme representing the first Europeans to see the lights.  Next we hear “Western Lights”, a slower cowboy-type ballad representing the next witnesses of the lights.  Finally, we hear “Modern Lights”, an exciting finale section with a contemporary feel punctuated by some driving percussion representing the lights in the modern era.  This segment builds to an exciting conclusion…but wait!  There is an optional soft and slow ending reprising the opening theme. The lights remain an unsolved mystery!