Grade 2

Duration: 7:12

The Great Locomotive Chase has been a beloved concert work for many years. It’s no wonder that it would have the same sort of appeal when adapted for Marching Band! With Shenandoah and a percussion feature using the Battle Hymn of the Republic, you can also take a Civil War or “Railroading” angle with this show. Your students will love the infectious material from the original concert work, while your audience will enjoy seeing the theatrics you create. This one is a hit!


Mvt. 1: The Great Locomotive Chase - Robert W. Smith

Mvt. 2: Shenandoah

Mvt. 3: Battle Hymn of the Republic

Mvt 4:The Great Locomotive Chase Reprise


The material in this show is all original and public domain. All performance and recording licenses are included with this show.