Grade 2.5

Duration: 6:47

This show is a tribute to the glory that was the Roman Empire.  We open with the powerful "Entry of the Centurions" featuring some soaring French horn lines.  We move into a driving theme with a strong trumpet melody.  The woodwinds are featured in the "Roman Festival" section.  Then, the low brass sound off on "Hail Caesar"!  This section is followed by "Venus, Goddess of Love", a beautiful ballad featuring some lush melodies and chord changes.  Next, we journey to "The Colosseum" where we see gladiators and chariot races!  There is an exciting percussion feature which segues into our finale, "Ghosts of Legions Past".  This finale starts softly but builds as one long crescendo to a huge and dramatic conclusion! This show is more challenging than some, but it is an opportunity for your band to bring lots of drama to the field!