Grade 3

Duration: 8:46

From renewal in the spring, to the lazy days in the summer heat… From the turning of the leaves in autumn to the cold excitement of winter… Here’s a show that wastes no time with any musical fluff. This show is designed to sound much, much harder than it is. Through scoring, doubling and surgical precision, these pieces of substance are presented in a playable manner. The music speaks for itself by building excitement, then shifting to relaxed tones that compliment the shifts from one season to the next. Here’s a show that’s universally appealing to band students, staff, parents, the football crowd and the judging community!


Mvt. 1: The Rite of Spring, Selections by Igor Stravinsky

Mvt. 2: Summertime - George Gershwin

Mvt. 3: Autumn Leaves by Kosma

Mvt. 4: Winter, from the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

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