Grade 1

Duration: 6:23

Tango dancing originated in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, and soon spread to other areas of the world. It’s unique sound makes for a fun and entertaining marching show with several opportunities for visual reinforcement and storytelling. This show was written to where the majority of the percussionists are playing in the battery. The battery section moves forward for Mvt 2 and switches to keyboard instruments, then switches back to their battery instruments for Mvt 3. There is an extended tango dance section at the end that can be written into the drill or removed if needed. The drill sheets with the tango dance instructions that were written by the commissioning band are available upon request.


All original material by Luke McMillan

Mvt. 1: Tango Rojo

Mvt. 2: Columbe

Mvt. 3: Tango Argentine


The material in this show is all original. All performance and recording licenses are included with this show.