Grade 2.5

Duration: 6:09

This show is based on themes from “Scheherazade”, the great classical work by Rimsky-Korsakov.  It is based on the tales of Scheherazade, the beautiful Arabian girl being held for execution. She captivates the Sultan by telling him a different tale each night, but not finishing the story until the next day, when she would also begin a new tale.  After 1001 nights, she is freed, but by this time, she and the Sultan are in love and marry.  The show opens with “The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship” where we hear the bold opening theme followed by a lovely flute solo and plenty of excitement including a brief woodwind feature on “1001 Arabian Nights”.  “The Young Prince and Princess” is a ballad featuring beautiful melodies and lush harmonies.  The show concludes with “Festival at Baghdad”, an exciting finale with a percussion interlude and huge ending!