Grade 2

Duration: 5:40

This show was commissioned by a band that had lost their school in a disastrous fire.  The show is designed to capture the spirit of the community and their drive to rebuild and overcome adversity.  We open with "The Spirit Within", an up-tempo opener with a slight western feel that represents the spirit of the community.  The next section is entitled "Fire and Devastation" and represents the tragic fire that destroyed the school.  This segues into "A time for Mourning", a slower and sadder section.  However, we hear the heart still beating and we gradually build into the next section entitled "Rebirth and Celebration".  We conclude with "The Spirit Lives On" as the show ends with a finale of powerful chords.  This show is very playable by young bands.  We all have to learn to deal with adversity in our lives.  Perhaps you can adapt this show to your own unique situation and make it an inspiration to your students and community with your own" Phoenix Rising"!