Grade 2

Duration: 7:18

This is a concept show about the struggle in all of us to overcome the dark times in our lives and move into the light.  It is told with well-known classical works setting the imagery.  We open with the fanfare from Tchaikovsky's "Symphony No. 4", then segue into Beethoven's "Symphony No.5, 1st Movement".  Next, we visualize the struggle between Dark and Light with contrasting themes from Verdi's "Dies Irae" and Bizet's "Prelude to Act III" from Carmen punctuated with percussion interludes.  We finally move into the light represented by the opening chords from Dvorak's "New World Symphony".  This is followed by serenity with Bliss's hymn "It is Well with My Soul".  We conclude with perhaps the best musical representation of rebirth, Stravinsky's "The Firebird".  Use your imagination to build a beautiful visual package around this show.