Grade 1.5

Duration: 6:01

This show is inspired by some of the legendary monsters of Greek mythology. We open with “Medusa” which begins soft and menacing but builds to a dark fanfare. We then move into an up=tempo and driving rhythmic segment with contrasting flowing woodwind lines. This is followed by “Siren Song” a beautiful ballad that has the option for some soloists. This builds to a dramatic climax as the Sirens lure the sailors to their doom, then softly fades sway. “Cerberus” is next—the hound of the underworld. We hear metallic sounds representing his multiple heads pulling on the chains with rhythmic pulses and driving percussion. We close with “The Minotaur”, the half man-half bull that hunted his prey through a maze. It begins with some short rhythm melodic lines leading to dark melodies and building to a huge finale. This is an exciting show with many visual possibilities!


The material in this show is all original and public domain. All performance and recording licenses are included with this show.