Grade 2

Duration: 6:07

Legend says that in 1866, Emperor Maximillian of Mexico smuggled gold and jewels from the Mexican treasury out of the country shortly before his overthrow and execution.  The treasure was supposedly buried in Castle Gap in West Texas but the expedition was ambushed by Comanches near Ft. Concho.  There was only one survivor who died later, but not before telling the tale of buried treasure.  “Smuggled Treasure” is an up-tempo opener with Western/Spanish themes.  “The Long Trail” is a lonely Spanish-style ballad.  “Castle Gap” is a barn-burner section with driving percussion interludes.  “Ambush at Ft. Concho” starts dark and mysterious and builds to a dissonant impact moment followed by a melancholy reprise of the “Trail” theme.  We conclude with a “Reprise and Finale” with an exciting ending.  This entertaining show will bring out your treasure hunting sense of adventure!