Grade 3

Duration: 7:09

The visual design of this show is “baked in” to the music throughout the entire production. The show is written around a prop dubbed the “Band-o-matic.” In Movement 1 the prop movers, or workers, are rolling the machine onto the field. During Movement 2 the marching drill is seemingly controlled by an operator of the band-o-matic, which has switches, levers and dials for direction, volume, etc. During the ballad the prop is turned around to reveal gears and the marchers form gears in the drill, revolving around the soloist. In the final movement the battery percussion approach the prop and start playing parts of the prop, then at the end of the show the prop is somewhat “disassembled” and the woodwind players set down their instruments to play parts of the prop. 


Mvt. 1: Set Up (Powerhouse by Raymond Scott)

Mvt. 2: The Band-O-Matic by Luke McMillan

Mvt. 3: Changing Gears by Luke McMillan

Mvt. 4: Destruction by Luke McMillan


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