Thanks for your interest in this special project for KMBC. Here you’ll find score parts and audio for this project. If you need any other parts that are not present in this PDF file, feel free to contact us to obtain the part you need. As a special thank you for participating in this project, we have some free music that could help your marching band in the fall. Please see below for the free music. Score parts and audio are all available to any of the tunes you’d like to use.

Star-Spangled Banner (Grade 1)

This arrangement of the Star-Spangled Banner is one of the simplest around. It is voiced in 2 parts and can be performed with very small instrumentation.

Star-Spangled Banner (Grade 2)

This arrangement of the Star-Spangled Banner is for groups with solid players in most sections. The low brass part splits occasionally and the alto voice (french horns and alto saxes) have independent lines that are important.

Drum Line Jams

If you have a small and/or young drum line this is for you. There are several "shorts" that can be ready in very little rehearsal time.

March Grandioso

This Roland Seitz classic has been re-scored so that it comes together in as little time possible and gives your band the punch that you're looking for.

America The Beautiful

When you're asked at the last minute to play something patriotic, this arrangement of America the Beautiful will do the trick. Scored for bands with players in every section, this tune has independent melodies in the alto voice, but simple low brass parts and easy ranges. 

Homecoming Ballad

If you are expected to play a looping ballad at halftime during your homecoming festivities this is the easiest ballad that exists. This arrangement based on the french folk song "Plaisir d'amour" will come together in the first read, allowing you to spend time on what matters.

The Dark Force

If you want to get on your coach's good side, play this when your team is on defense. Designed to first pump up your defense, then disrupt your opposing team's offense, this song works off of hand signals to get the band totally involved in the game. Playable by most bands, but your 1st trumpets will need to be able to play A's and Bb's above the staff.