Grade 2

Duration: 6:45

This show takes your audience through three different stories as written by the Brothers Grimm. You can hear the stories being told throughout the show, as Hansel and Gretel outwit the witch in Mvt. 2, and Little Red Riding Hood meets her demise in Mvt. 4 (M. 213). The “Brothers Grimm Theme” can be heard woven in throughout the entire show.


All original material by Luke McMillan

Mvt. 1: Grimm's Theme

Mvt. 2: (M. 31) Hansel and Gretel

Mvt. 3: (M. 94) Rumplestilzkin

Mvt. 4: (M. 171) Little Red Riding Hood

Mvt. 5: (M. 224) Grimm’s Theme Reprise


The material in this show is all original and public domain. All performance and recording licenses are included with this show.