Grade 1

Duration: 6:07

This show explores the myths and stories surrounding UFO’s, "Unidentified Flying Objects”.  We open with “Sighting” based on a sighting of a UFO.  It starts softly with a solo flute introducing our UFO theme.  This is followed by a big full band fanfare in minor tonality and an abrupt tempo change.  The rest of the opener is driving with excitement and contrasting woodwind interludes.  Next we encounter “Abduction”, a haunting and mysterious ballad with some unusual chord changes and a dark ending.  This transitions immediately into “Invasion”, a fast and foreboding segment with low brass on a dark theme and some rocking percussion interludes.  A tension building chromatic section leads into “Reprise and Finale” where we hear some earlier themes to bring our show full circle and building to an exciting climax!  This show will leave your audience wondering….What really happened in Roswell!?