Grade 2.5

Duration: 5:46

This is a show based on the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the heroic struggle to turn the tide of WWII in Europe and the aftermath.  We begin with “Dawn-June 6, 1944” with a soft but up-tempo intro that can feature soloists with a distant snare drum in a hymn-like intro.  This transitions to an abrupt minor key opener representing the invasion.  Next, we hear “paratroopers”, still up-tempo but brighter with some woodwind/keyboard flourishes and bold brass fanfares.  Next, is “Aftermath” which begins with a reprise of the opening hymn that morphs into “Amazing Grace” with echoes of “Taps”.  There are two optional endings (or they could both be played).  The first features “Taps” and softly fades away.  The “Reprise” ending features an up-tempo reprise of the opening section with a big finale. This show is a unique tribute to the “Greatest Generation”.