Grade 1

Duration: 6:21

This show is a western themed adventure based on the legendary Billy the Kid, one of the most notorious outlaws of the Old West.  The show opens with "Lincoln County Wars", a dark up-tempo theme inspired by the war between competing ranchers that started Billy's path to lawlessness.  Next, we hear "Billy and Paulita", a lovely ballad portraying the two star-crossed lovers caught up in troubled times.  Finally,  we meet "Pat Garrett:  The Final Showdown", the famous lawman who tracks Billy down and ends his killing spree.  There is a "Reprise and Finale" where we hear some earlier themes and build to a dramatic finish.  There is also an "Optional Ending" that is soft with a solo trumpet that leaves us wondering, did Billy die in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico or did he escape to live out his days in Hico, Texas?