Grade 3

Duration: 7:04

Relationships are transcendent and messy, endearing and frustrating. Necessary and worthwhile. Ultimately, we couldn’t live without them and that’s the beauty behind “Beautiful Us.” Intended to showcase the various parts of a relationship, this show will lead your audience through new relationship jitters and excitement, then through frustration and a break-up. Then Radiohead’s “Creep” helps us reconsider what we’ve done so that we eventually want to be with our significant other “No Matter Where (they) You Are.” Tell your audience a story with this one and give them a chance to tap their toes a little bit, too.


Mvt. 1: Beautiful Us by Eric Rath

Mvt. 2: Creep by Radiohead

Mvt. 3: No Matter Where You Drum by Eric Rath & Jon Seale

Mvt. 4: No Matter Where You Are by Michael & Carissa Alvarado

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