Frequently Asked Questions

How specific can or should I be when submitting my show idea?

You can be as specific or vague as you’d like while submitting your idea. Whether you have a broad, general idea, or if you have specific songs or pieces in mind, we will take all of your ideas into consideration.

How many ideas can I submit?

As many as you want!

Is my band obligated to play this show if you pick my idea?

No. If you change your mind for whatever reason you’re not obligated to play it.

If my show idea is chosen does my group get the first shot at playing it?


How much creative control do I have in the project if you pick my idea?

The director(s) and any other designers (program coordinator, visual designer, etc) will have as much creative input as they'd like to during the writing process. Once we have accepted the show idea we will take any creative input that’s given to us into consideration.

If my show idea is chosen will Luke write the show to my band’s strengths, weaknesses and instrumentation?

Yes! If your show idea is chosen Luke will write the show to the grade level of your choosing and will make accommodations for your group's specific strengths, weaknesses, and instrumentation.

If my show idea is chosen will other bands also get to play the show?

We have several pricing packages that guarantee different levels of exclusivity. We do have a pricing package that guarantees total and complete exclusivity. If your show idea is chosen we will explain the different package options at that time.

How much will it cost?

New shows will follow the same pricing guidelines as any other show in our library. If you’re not familiar with our pricing, we have packages to fit virtually any budget.

When will the show need to be paid for?

You’ll have until October 31st of the upcoming school year to pay.

If my show idea is chosen when will the show be completed?

All grade 3 shows will be completed by February 15th, all grade 2 shows will be completed by April 24th and all grade 1 shows will be completed by June 19th. If you need your show to be completed earlier let us know and we can see if we can make accommodations on the calendar.

Can my band use our own percussion writer?

Sure! All shows will come with all percussion parts included but you are more than welcome to use your own percussion writer if you'd like.

If two groups submit a similar idea and it is chosen, are both bands given the opportunity to perform the show?

It would be very unlikely that it would happen with our exclusivity system. However, if it did, the band who submitted the idea first would get priority.

If you have further questions please contact us.