Hi there! Luke here. I’m honored that you’d be interested in having me write a show for you! Each year I take time to reflect on and evaluate the work I have done and the relationships I have built. I want to continue to develop my craft in a way that reflects my passion and creativity, and that serves my clients to the best of my abilities. Because of that I’ve made some changes to how I accept new writing projects. For the upcoming season instead of committing to writing for specific bands, I’m going to accept submissions for show ideas and choose the projects that I feel are the best fit for my skill set and are the most enjoyable for me. I want to make sure that I’m authentically excited about each project, so that you and your band get my best work. There will be a deadline to submit your show idea (more on that later) and if it’s a show that’s unique and exciting to me, then BAM! I’m writing your show. If it’s an idea that, for whatever reason, I’m not 100% all-in on, we can talk about another show in my library or I can work with you to find another arranger that will meet the same professional and creative standards you’ve come to expect. 

The deadline for these submissions is November 15th. I know that’s early, but this allows me to make the selections by December 1st and begin work in January, so that I can start early enough to devote the time to each project that they deserve. I am also setting the deadline early so that if I’m unable to take on your project you’ll have ample time to find another arranger before the good ones fill their schedules.

If you have questions about this I’ve put together a comprehensive FAQ answering questions you might have. If you have further questions please reach out.