You’re doing all the right things. You’re choosing or commissioning a professionally designed show from a designer who understands your situation, you’re teaching your students what they need to know, you’re having clinicians out early and often. You’re doing everything you know to do from your training, advice from your colleagues, and what you think your judges expect.

But you still haven’t reached your goals. 


There might be minor details in your show planning that cause your band to look outdated, unpolished, or unprofessional that you 're too close to your group every day to see.

The goal of any competitive corps-style marching band is to look elegant, artistic, sophisticated, and professional. There might be quick and simple fixes to how you think about your show that can help your group acheive a professional presentation and wow the judges before you ever step onto the field.

I’ve made a video highlighting 10 of the quickest and easiest changes to ensure your upcoming show looks modern and professional, and gives your students the competitive advantage.

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